What to Wear Rock Climbing – An A-Z Starter Guide

Once you have decided to venture into rock climbing, there is an array of gears that you must have with you. From helmets to climbing shoes, there is a host of items that you must have so that you can have a smooth rock climbing experience. Whether engaging in indoor or outdoor climbing, you must make some considerations what to wear rock climbing to be optimal during the whole undertaking.

Rock climbing wear items may be the same wherever and whatever you climb but the climate, surroundings, and settings may demand variations in the make and fit of your rock-climbing outfit. Suppose you would make a change of outfit when shifting from sunny to cold weather, gym climbing to outdoor rock climbing, and the likes.

Doing so will save you from feeling uncomfortable, too cold, or too warm to climb. In this article, we shall take a closer look at what shoes to wear rock climbing, what to wear rock climbing date and other crucial requirements that can make your rock climbing day.

what to wear rock climbing

What to Wear Rock Climbing Indoor or for Rock Climbing Gym?

If you have decided to go rock climbing indoors, hearing that gym climbing is a delightfully addictive workout, you must consider the following tips.

Considers for Climbing Clothing

The last thing that you would like to have when climbing is ill-fitting or uncomfortable clothing. This is why you should take the time to choose the cute rock climbing outfits for this purpose. We have compiled some tips to help you choose the right climbing clothes. in this case, i would reccomend trusted rock climbing clothes brands as they are very particular about rock climbing clothes women’s and men’s.

Ensure that your climbing clothes are flexible: It is no secret that rock climbing involves a lot of flexing, and thus your clothes should be flexible enough. Here, you should ensure that your clothes allow you to flex the way you please so that you can have an enjoyable moment scaling the hills or rocky surfaces.

Ensure that your climbing clothes are lightweight: Your climbing clothes of choice should not be bulky as you are likely to get fatigued along the way. Instead, you should choose relatively light clothes that fit you well. This way, you can scale high mountains more comfortably, keeping fatigue at bay for incredibly long.

They should be resistant to abrasion: During rock climbing, you are likely to come across hard rocks along the way. Since most of these rocks are rough on the surface, they might end up tearing your clothes. To avert scenarios of your body getting mutilated, you need to ensure that your choice of climbing clothes is resistant to abrasion.

Ensure that your climbing clothes are slim fit: Besides the considerations mentioned above, your climbing clothing should be slim fit. This means that you should not wear baggy clothes when rock climbing. By wearing baggy clothes, chances are your movement will be hampered, and you might even get caught up in the rope. With so many rock climbing clothes brands, you will not miss a brand that sells slim-fit climbing clothes.

Consider wearing shorts: If you are engaged in indoor rock climbing, you can consider wearing shorts. This can be attributed to the fact that most rock climbing gyms are usually heated. As a result, you are less likely to get cold during the rock climbing exercise.

Considerations for Climbing Footwear

Besides the climbing clothes, you need to pay attention to your climbing footwear to have a smooth rock climbing experience. If you wonder what shoes wear rock climbing, here you find the instructions.

Rental Shoes: Rent some shoes in case you do not have them at home. Rock climbing shoes can be expensive, so most people might not be able to purchase them upfront. Thankfully, most rock climbing gyms have now started renting shows. In most cases, these shoes get disinfected after usage and thus are safe for any user. If you do not have rock climbing shoes, consider renting some from the nearby rock climbing gym.

Get the right socks: If you choose to rent climbing shoes, consider getting the right socks so your feet can remain safe. After all, you can never be sure whether or not the rented climbing shoes got disinfected well. Ideally, most climbing shoes are meant to be worn without socks, but it does not hurt to wear socks so that your feet can remain comfortable. When it comes to wearing climbing socks, ensure that they are low and thin so that your climbing shoe can fit well.

Consider wearing casual shoes: As far as climbing shoes are concerned, you need to choose a comfortable model that you can slip on between climbs. In this case, casual shoes can work magic for you.

Considerations for Climbing Accessories

Apart from getting the proper footwear and climbing clothes, there is a need for you to have a number of climbing accessories. Some of the vital components that you should carry along include:

A lightweight jacket: Sometimes, the rock climbing gym’s heater might cool the air to unbearable levels. If you were doing some rock climbing exercises, you might feel uncomfortable in the long run. To avoid such scenarios, you should consider having a lightweight jacket to keep you warm.

Chalk bag: To develop a better grip, you might need a chalk bag. Here, you will have great chalk that you can apply to your hands to enjoy a better grip anytime you scale the rocky surfaces at the gym.

This will go a long way in eliminating moisture that might have formed on your hand during the rock climbing exercise. If you do not have a chalk bag, consider renting one from the gym.

Avoid wearing caps or gloves: Although some climbers would like to wear caps and a pair of gloves, sometimes, you do not need them. Your hands need to be in direct contact with your climbing hold. Over time, your skin will get used to such conditions and thus will not require you to wear a pair of gloves. When it comes to caps, you can keep them at bay as you would not want anything that can easily fall off as you climb. If you want to secure your hair, ensure that you utilize a hair tie instead of a cap.

what to wear rock climbing indor

What to wear Rock Climbing Outdoor?

So far, gear, wear and accessories involving indoor and outdoor climbing require the same, and only variation may take place keeping the changing outdoor weather and location in mind. Here you go with what you must consider wearing while climbing outdoors.

Clothing for Humid Conditions

Sometimes, you might be climbing rocky surfaces in places that have high humidity. Here, you might get too sweaty and thus feel very uncomfortable. Thankfully, you can now combat such a situation with the right climbing clothes. With these climbing clothes in place, you can ventilate and cool down.

Breathability: To be on the safe side, you should choose climbing clothes that are made from a breathable material. With breathable fabrics in place, a lot of air will be able to reach your skin and thus reduce intense sweating that might make you feel uncomfortable. Ideally, your climbing clothes should not trap sweat and heat.

Lightweight: Besides being made from breathable material, your climbing clothes should be made from a lightweight material. Ideally, it should be able to dry fast even when it gets damp. Fortunately, you can purchase many lightweight pants and shorts and wear them when climbing in humid areas.

Clothing for Sunny and Tropical Destinations

Just like you would for humid areas, you need to choose climbing clothing made from a breathable material whenever you are climbing sunny and tropical destinations. This way, you will not feel uncomfortable even if you sweat profusely during the rock climbing sessions.

Breathability: Besides the breathability aspect, you should choose a climbing shirt that does not have annoying or uneven tan lines and marks. For instance, a typical spaghetti-strap tank top is better than that made from racer backs.

Fast-drying: You should also choose climbing clothes that dry fast. This is because you might sweat a lot during the sunny weather. Finally, remember to wear something that will protect your arms from the hot sun as you might get sunburns during the rock climbing sessions.

Clothing for Cold Climate

If you must climb in a cold climate, ensure your preferred warm climbing clothes. Besides this feature, your clothing choice should be well-fitting and snug. It should also keep you dry from sweat that might accumulate on your body in the long run.

In addition, you can come with a jacket to keep you warm for longer. This is because the mountains’ windy conditions might make you ill. However, with a good jacket, you will remain warm and comfortable. And a heated jacket is the best solution to fight cold, snowy climates. There are top-quality heated jackets to fight cold and frosty climates.

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Water Resistant and Waterproof climbing clothing

Sometimes, you might be climbing places that receive a lot of rainfall. If this is the case, you might need to perform some weather checks first before getting started, as bad weather can ruin the entire experience.

Ideally, your climbing clothes should be waterproof so that you do not get drenched during the entire escapade. For optimal results, consider investing in waterproof pants and raincoats. With this clothing in place, you will be able to combat storms and other harsh weather elements.

Better still, consider choosing spots that dry fast and can offer much-needed shelter from the rain. For example, you can visit caves for shelter whenever it rains in the mountains. Finally, you can go for climbing clothes made from the Gore-Tex lining.

Unlike conventional materials, this one can resist water and only allow water vapor to pass through it. This characteristic makes it quite breathable also. Thankfully, it has been designed to be waterproof, lightweight, and ideal to be used in any weather.

Can You Wear Jeans for Rock Climbing?

Yes. As long as it is not regular jeans, you can wear it when climbing. Ideally, it should be made from a heavy material. If it is a skinny one, you can go ahead and wear it. More importantly, it should feature an extra stretch and gusseted crotch.

With these features in place, you will be able to make big split movements while your legs remain safe from gnarly climbing holds. If you go to the market, go for the jeans that are specific for this undertaking to get the best results.

What Not to Wear for Rock Climbing

You should avoid wearing buggy climbing clothes as they might make you uncomfortable. Besides this, avoid wearing shorts that are short in length as some parts of the body might be revealed whenever you make awkward moves. Finally, avoid wearing something that does not absorb your sweat. As we mentioned above, your climbing clothes of choice should be made from breathable materials.

Final Verdict

To focus on the climbs and get the much-needed results, you should wear the right climbing clothes. Whether it is shoes, pants, or tops, choose the right ones, and you will get the best results. From allowing you to enjoy more comfort to reaching the summit successfully, one is likely to enjoy an array of benefits once you choose the correct climbing wear. Now that you know what to wear, rock climbing makes a good choice today, keeping the climbing set-up, locations, and climate in mind.

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