Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

By: Climbing Call Team


Your Privacy is very important for us and so we have declared our privacy policy for you to understand how we gather, use, protect, and preserve your personal information.

This is the privacy policy practices of (a blog on climbing). Visiting, browsing, using, or downloading the contents of this website amounts to accepting and agreeing with the Agreement for every visit to and use of the Website pages. In case you do not comply with this Agreement, you should not visit here to use this Website.

Climbing Call enjoys the right to make changes of this Agreement any time and you should know that by agreeing to comply with the Climbing call Agreement you also agree to be bound by the changes made that may include modifications, updating, and altercations. You also agree to review the Agreement regularly and keep updated of the revisions and reviews. Your further use of this Website after such changes comprises your agreement to abide by and be bound by the same as changed.

How do we collect Information?


Cookies are tiny data files put in your hard drive by every website you visit and they automatically collect crucial user information while someone visits a website. A cookie, on its own, doesn’t personally recognize the users; it can only recognize the device with which the Website is browsed. Cookies help us keep track of user behavior and we can improve the user experience by closely analyzing the behaviors – pages visited and duration of staying on a particular page.

You can accept or deny cookies but a decline of the cookies may bar some crucial features from working as designed. This is the reason most of the users do not deny cookies while visiting a Website. For further information, visit


We request a sign-up in the header/footer of the Website conducted by a third-party entity. Emails collected thus will only be used to distribute our newsletter and our internal marketing processes.

But if you find unsolicited emails disturbing and do not wish to receive any, you can unsubscribe at any given time by informing us of your intention to

Rest assured that we are committed to maintaining the secrecy of your e-mail address in accordance with applicable federal law. We will use your e-mail address merely to provide timely information about us.

Third-party Links

Climbing Call may include several links to third-party entities that include links to other websites, plugins, and apps. Clicking on the links of the said entities is alike to permit the third-parties to gather, share, and record data regarding you. As we do not control those entities, we cannot take responsibilities for their privacy policy. In this connection, we suggest you better read the privacy policy when you visit a site for the first time before you start using them.

Affiliate Links

Climbing Call uses several affiliate marketing programs/Amazon Associates. To put it clearly, when you click on the affiliate links stitched in different locations of our article or shop using those links, we may gain a small commission on the purchases made by you. But that will no way increase the price of the product you want to buy or have bought.

How do we use Information?

We may use the collected information for several purposes that include:

  • To observe and analyze trends, monitor usages, and other activities on and regarding websites.
  • To modify our site so that users find it more useful
  • Offer you advertising and monitor results including the third-party sites and applications
  • To answer your questions and respond your comments
  • Send you emails and newsletters
  • Check illegal activities that may violate the site policies
  • And miscellaneous utilizations the gathered information may offer

On Information Share

We may provide information about our users for multiple purposes that include:

  • We may need to share the collected information about you with third parties who conduct various services on our behalf. To put it simply, we may share the information with other companies, vendors, and developers who help us run our Website.
  • Some of the information are mandatory to provide as per the law to keep us on safe side
  • We may have to share information to the successor of our business
  • The information may be shared for other reasons necessary

Social Plugins

The social plugins set in our Website is the crucial third-party entity that we share the gathered information with. This enables you to share information with your friends and in public that depend on the feature of the platform you are using. To know more in-depth about social sharing of data, visit the privacy policy of the platform that provide such features.

User Comments

Comment section is also a third-party platform hanging normally at the bottom of the published articles. When commenting, you better be aware that the information you put here is subject to accessing, collecting, and using by other users. Particularly, for this section we bear no responsibility and we are not liable to publish, remove, edit, or mute activities here. A submitted comment bearing your information will be under the consideration of the privacy policy of the related third-party.

California Online Privacy Protection Act

CalOPPA is the maiden state law that requires online services and the commercial websites to declare a privacy policy in their respective online platform. The law outreaches California and requires anybody or any company in the United States having a website collecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from their consumers to post a well-defined privacy policy on their website. The post should clearly state that the information being collected and the individuals and companies the information is being shared with. For further query on CalOPPA, visit,

How We Preserve and Protect Your Information

We maintain industry standard security system to protect your information and our Website. We contain the personal information collected from the users or visitors preserved behind secured networks that are accessible only a limited number of confidential persons having special access to such security measures. And those individuals are required to keep the information confidential.

However, we cannot ensure you that your visit to and use of our Website will be fully secure and so suggest you that you take proper measures to protect yourself while online.

Children’s Privacy

The Website is not meant for children and so we do not gather personal information or store them from children aged below 13 years. If it is done despite our unwillingness or received information inadvertently from the children less than 13 years of age, we will erase this information from our records.

Non-U. S. Users

As this is a Website based in the United States, the gathered information is governed by U. S. law. To say more clearly, by visiting or using the site you are not merely giving us your personal information, you are also consenting that the processing, storage, and transfer of the information will be under U. S. law not under your local law.


If you have further queries regarding the stated policy, please feel free to contact us here