About Us

Climbing Call is the initiative to document my knowledge I have gathered on climbing industry for a period stretching over a decade.

A college teacher by profession, I felt an urge to be on top of the mountains and rocks since my childhood. But I couldn’t translate my urge into action for more than one reason. However, I have never stopped dreaming that I will leave everything behind and start climbing in the near future. That inability to give up the hope draws me towards anything related to climbing – be it an article on climbing, a movie based on climbing, an in-depth review on the smart and lovely climbing gears, numerous podcasts on climbing tips and activities, related videos and news, and more.

In one fine morning few days back, I have woken up with a feel of an urge inside to share all that I have known about climbing.

Thus how, this blog – Climbing Call- starts in my thought first. Unlike before, I have taken little time to turn this brainchild into action this time.