Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos Out for Rock Climbing – “Love On The Rocks”

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary by climbing steep rocks in the heat. They did it to make this occasion special and a mark of their love, not obviously for the body transformation that climbing results in.

kelly and Consuelos Rock Climbing Celebration

The love-lorn duo has three children: Joaquin, 19, Samantha, 22, and Lola, 21. They celebrated their 26th anniversary climbing the heights of rock.

Kelly Ripa shared a picture of herself and her husband Consuelos, climbing at the lake. It was an Instagram post on Friday. “Couples therapy,” Ripa wrote in the post caption. Yes, this can actually work like a therapy for the couples to blow boredom away and shed the tidbits of mundane life. They can duly earn the fame to be the ultimate partners in adventure or adventure partners.

It seemed that mutual love makes people fit to climb rock as core workouts for climbing aspirants does. Fun apart, it is really an amazing instance that someone celebrates their 26 anniversary by climbing rocks in the heat. The TV celebrity, Kelly Ripa, shared several Jules Verne-inspired photos from the adventure with their followers. In the Instagram story, shared by the personality, captioned “Love on the rocks,” by the wife Ripa, the fans saw the couple scaling a cliffside together.

Not to stop here, in a different Instagram story, the actress wrote, “On the rocks with the help of @instasuelos.” Consuelos appears to have finally reached the mountain’s peak, one more pic showing him looking outside the cliff from that height. As if he climbed the height of heaven – of love, of course.

Kelly and Consuelos Rock Climbing Celebration

She wrote that it couldn’t have been more dramatic than that, read in her own words, “Making far more dramatic than it is to us and all”, according The Guardian.

Kelly Ripa and her husband just recently completed challenging rock climbing to celebrate their 26th wedding anniversary in May, reflecting on their special day with an Instagram post loaded with a few throwback photos and emotion-heavy remarks to one another.

If you come across the posts, you can immediately sense the high-flowing emotions in “26 years with the love of my heart!” Ripa captioned her post. “Happy anniversary! 26 years. The penguin,” Consuelos wrote as well, alongside posted of two penguins holding hands with the words, ‘Mate for life” written above their head.

Ripa also posted a video on Instagram Story showing them sharing a meal at breakfast and wishing each other a joyous anniversary. The video showed that they expressed their love to each other with reciprocating kisses.

She asked him for advice when he asked for words of wisdom, and he replied, “Find someone who will make you coffee, toast, and a small amount of breakfast for your anniversary, and all of the women out there can ask for advice” as per said

Ripa displayed the pink and white floral arrangement Consuelos purchased for the occasion to persuade Ripa to accept the record award for her best friend. “Best Husband Award Member,” Ripa wrote.

On May 1, 1996, Ripa and Consuelos started their marital relationship after meeting two years earlier on the set of “All My Children.” They share sons, Mike, 25, Joaquín, 19, and Lola, 21. One of the longest and happily married couple had had wishes from their children too.

Michael, the eldest son, and child, wished his parents a happy anniversary tagging them in a playfully festive story with photographs of Godzilla and King Kong. “Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad!” He wrote. The eldest of his last two children also recently graduated from New York University with his bachelor’s degree at the Yankee Stadium, where he received his diploma.

Kelly and Mark Rock Climbing Celebration

Michael completed his graduation in cinema in 2020. But the ceremony was postponed to be held later due to then pandemic restrictions. Michael, who studied movies at the university, was supported at the upcoming ceremony by his siblings and father, as seen in the photo of a loving family posted to the father’s Instagram Story.

Consuelos affectionately snapped the photo of a stand of his son where the chap was wearing a purple gown and cap, as seen in the Instagram post. This was a celebration of the child to be made for all by the bond of love among the family members. The oldest son also celebrated the parent’s anniversary by posting an emotional Instagram post for all. That is just acknowledging strong love among the family.

As mentioned at the outset, Kelly Ripa is an actress and presently hosting a top-rated show, and Consuelos is an actor. They both reached 51 this year, which was also an occasion to celebrate, though not by rock climbing like this one.

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