Indonesian Speed Climber Kiromal Katibin Created World Record Again

Kiromal Katibin made history again by setting a new men’s Speed world record during the qualification round at this weekend’s Chamonix World Cup, as per John Burgan from

Most likely that you already have heard of Katibin’s achievement, as he had just set the record in the preceding 12 months, nearly one week ago at the qualification round in World Cup in Villars, Switzerland.

Indonesian Speed Climber Kiromal Katibin Created World Record Again
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But in his newest’ world record juggling’ run, Katibin clocked a time of 5.009 seconds, beating his previous record by approximately 0.04 seconds. In doing so, Katibin managed to secure his sixth new world record of the past 14 months (at first in Salt Lake City in May 2021, then this year in Seoul, Salt Lake City, twice in Villars, and now in Chamonix).

Katibin’s record-breaking excellence was acknowledged by the women’s world record holder, Poland’s Aleksandra Miroslaw. Footage of Katibin’s historic accomplishment received a reply from the women’s world record holder, personally addressed by her, Aleksandra Miroslaw wrote in tweeter, “Sub 5 tomorrow?”

While having always been the fastest male in the men’s division, Katibin received a hard-fought second place in Villars last weekend, coming against tough competition from China ‘s team; a costly stumble prevented Katibin from finishing first, but Team China broke through the podium. Katibin has another chance to return to the top of the podium this coming weekend. The final round is gonna be worth seeing, watch on the IFSC’s YouTube channel.

He Made to the News Headlines Earlier This May Twice

Kiramol Katibin the Indonesian speed climber made to the headlines twice on may, this year. Here you go why to grasp his trajectory to fame to the full.

World Record Smashed—Is “4-minute Mile” of Climbing Within Touch?

The headlines ran like this one on May 1, this year. Detail here. See for full.

With a final time of 5.04 seconds, Katibin is within striking distance of the sub-5-second barrier, a time that was thought impossible just a few years back. The Speed World Cup in Villars, Switzerland, hasn’t been completed yet, and already history is setting itself. In the qualification contest, Indonesia’s Kiromal Katibin has altered the record twice, breaking his own record made just a few weeks earlier in Salt Lake City.

What comes closer to Katibin’s dual smashing of the records at the Villars World Cup was a mistaken start by his rival for a spot race, Man-hei Chung of Hong Kong. Therefore, according to the rules, Katibin crawled along without competition and got a time of 5.09 seconds, better than his previous world record time (of 5.105) by.015 seconds. Moments later, Katibin hit the limit wall further for another run by clocking an even better time for a new world record of 5.04 seconds.

Over less than a year, Katibin took both the world record and runner-up titles in two disciplines. He is now well on his way to surpassing that course, having placed fourth in the world in the preliminaries stage of this year’s World Cup and seemingly capable of breaking the sub-5-second barrier. In the Salt Lake City World Cup since then, Katibin has remained the speediest climber in the world, but for a brief duration last year so long, his Indonesia teammate, Veddriq Leonardo, clocked the fastest time in the world.

Katibin currently holds a world record for the sub-5-seconds metric, a time that sounded unfeasible just a few years ago. (Consider the last sub-6 adding up). All results from the Speed Qualification section of the Villars World Cup are available here, including a final round scheduled to begin shortly.

Two World Records And A USA Record—Broken.

Yes, this was the second and most recent breaking news on may 27, this year. And it’s merely the qualifying level at the Salt Lake City World Cup. Read on.

The second of back-to-back World Cup competitions began today in Salt Lake City with a Speed test round and, with that, a rewriting of the history books. In the men’s division, the door to history was jimmied by Indonesia’s Kiromal Katibin, who touched a new world record of 5.105 seconds in an early race against the South Korean athlete Minsoo Park. The record bested the previous men’s world record, set by Katibin back this season— narrowly by 0.07 seconds.

If you are a speed climber fan, record a female speed climber may interest you as Aleksandra Miroslaw continued her dominance of speed, breaking her own world record by timing 6.534 seconds in the qualifying rounds in Utah. (Photo IFSC Daniel Gajda was also here) The qualification round ended with a race between Poland s Aleksandra Miroslaw and South Korea s Hanareum Sung. Miroslaw timed 6.534 seconds, surpassing her own record. (which Miroslaw had also set) by 0.1 seconds.

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